Spring Break camping

After a LOOOONG winter, Spring Break camping can be something that regular campers look forward to. We go camping every spring break. No, the weather isn’t always perfect but we always make the best of it. This year we did 2 spring break camping trips.

In the Okanagan you have few choices for spring break camping. That is, if you want to stay below the snow line. Bear Creek, Okanagan South, Okanagan Falls, Vaseaux Lake and a few other provincials. Of course there are some private campgrounds open year round if you look around. Also a few rec sites that are closer to civilization.

Our first stop was 2 nights at Okanagan South for “winter camping” where you pay $11 a night but have no services. The camp facilitator came by to collect fees but also offered firewood – $7 a bundle or 3 for $20. We took 2 9 year old kids with us so this was a good choice due to the playground. It was 1/4 full. Lots of groups camping together, kids and dogs. We took the generator and confirmed with the host that there are no generator rules during winter camping but to be mindful of the “good neighbor rule”. On my daily walks around the campground I noticed quite a few generators. It was a nice low-key weekend with great camping food and that campfire smell that I missed all winter. I am also glad we stuck close to home because we had problems with our battery and fuses in our trailer. After a 2 night stay and 2 trips to Walmart, we have all the kinks worked out on on trailer.

The playground here was our saving grace for the kids. They played for hours and hours with other campsite kids – only popping in for meals. Nerf gun wars and tag were high on their priority list. $11 a night was well worth that in itself. I wouldn’t stay at Okanagan South during regular season for $35 a night however.



Next we headed out to Hedley, BC to a rec site called “Pickard Creek” which is free until May.
Directions from Penticton: Drive to Hedley. 4kms past Hedley on your way to Princeton,  you start to pass a few campgrounds – Riverhaven, Gold Mountain, Stemwinder then just past the “West Hedley Mall” and Doug’s Homestead is a brown rec site sign that says “Pickard Creek”. It is a 16 site campground. To see my review last year on this campground with more photos, links and info you can check it out HERE.

For the second year, we camped at Pickard Creek during Easter weekend. I suggest if you want to camp here during that time that you head out Wednesday or Thursday to get a spot. We arrived Thursday morning and watched the campground fill up by Thursday afternoon. I love Pickard Creek for various reasons. Mostly I appreciate the freedom that a rec site allows you to do what you want – respectfully of course. Since your nearest neighbors aren’t all that close and the sound of the river drowns out most of the noise, generators and music aren’t a problem. I love that my dogs can run free around our site and the kids can use their BB gun and bow&arrow – with caution of course. There’s lots of exploring to be had and the river is BEAUTIFUL. Plus – free is free. You can’t beat that! Pickard Creek has minimal cell service and is close enough to Hedley if you need anything.

Our trip included an Easter Egg Hunt. Always fun to do while camping. It’s tradition for us. It’s easy to do and the possibilities for the Easter Bunny to hide eggs are endless.

Never rule out spring break camping. It’s a great way to start your camping season and get kids out connecting with nature.

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