About Me




My name is Tracy. I am a Mother of 2. I live in Penticton, BC with is in Southern BC. We live approx. 1 hour from the Washington border and 5 hours from Vancouver, BC.

My backyard is my playground. I live 5 minutes away from 2 lakes, countless trails, campgrounds and adventures. I spend as MUCH time as possible discovering our surroundings via camping. It is my love and passion. My camping season starts in March and ends in October.

Please follow me on my camping adventures by following my blog. Share the love with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. I provide lots of organizational tips, lists and handy ideas for rving. I also provide my own personal reviews on numerous campgrounds in our area.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Stumbled upon your blog when looking up reviews for Pickard Creek and found your blog post super helpful! Looking forward to hearing more of your upcoming adventures because I love exploring BC as well and there is always so much to learn about the different corners of our province! 😀


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